Rubber Conveyor Belt Products

EP Conveyor Belt
Details: The warp is polyester and the weft is polyamide. It is light weight, modulus, good impact resistance, long elongation, weak elasticity, good trough ability, anti-humidity, it is suitable for ...
Fire Conveyor Belt
Structures and Techniques  -          The technology of adhesive activated yarn strengthens the adhesion between the carcass and the polymer -          High-molecular polymer and nano-system ...
Belt Cleaner
Material is particularly adhered to belt surface if the conveying material is sticky, or in highly humid  environment that results in accumulation, equipment damaged, or belt ...
Heat Conveyor Belt
Details The EPDM rubber with good high temperature resistance performance is used as cover rubber. Such belt is manufactured with technology not only solve the shrinkage and deformation of the ...
Chevron Conveyor Belt
The Chevron Conveyor Belt is used to convey materials under wet, loose or bagged conditions on slopes. The patterns on the surface can keep the  carrying materials from slide and largely ...
Ceramic Liner
It is manufactured of durable aluminum oxide ceramic tiles which are vulcanized into SBR natural rubber.   It is formatted of durable square or hexagonal-cone forms.
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
Belt reinforced with galvanized steel cord and core rubber with superior adhesive property.  Steel cord made of left and right twisting wire arranged evenly in the belt, also the steel cord is large ...
Welding Conveyor Belt
Safe conveyor belt maintenance starts with choosing the right tools.  Downtime is costly and must be held to a minimum in case of repairs. RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. makes it possible to do this. ...
Drum Lagging
Moisture and the dirt buildup on the pulleys and idlers could lead to mistracking resulting premature irreparable damage to the conveyor belt. Rubber lagging of the Conveyor Drive Pulleys could make ...
Oil Resistant Belt
It is manufactured of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as the carcass and oil resistance rubber material as the cover, then produce the belt  through calendaring, assembling and ...
Belt Cleaner
Material is particularly adhered to belt surface if the conveying material is sticky, or in highly humid environment that results in accumulation, equipment damaged, or belt transverse-displacement.  ...
Ceramic Liner
It is manufactured of durable aluminum oxide ceramic tiles which are vulcanized into SBR natural rubber.   It is formatted of durable square or hexagonal-cone forms.

Our Services

To help our customer to get the best result in the rubber composition, we have equipped our laboratory with advanced equipment for testing different types of rubber. Using our advanced equipment, ...
Mechanical Department
Lathe: As part of our services to make a finished part in-house, we deployed a complete set of lathe machines that are utilized for all turn machining types. To help our customers repair parts of ...
The serviceability and service life of a conveyor belt depends on the servicing and maintenance of the system and its conveyor belt. Downtime is costly and  must be held to a minimum in case of ...

RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. manufactures and supplies molded & extruded rubber components by using high quality raw materials such as compounds of EPDM, nitrile, 

neoprene, silicon, SBR, Natural rubber

We offers a wide range of general-purpose products like Seals, O-Rings, Bellows, Packing Strips, Expansion Joints, O-Ring Chords and Beadings as per client requirements, suitable for various service conditions. 

Special purpose Seals and O-Rings are made from special rubbers like Viton and Silicon, where high temperature resistance and other stringent property requirements are to be met.

Along with these products, RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. manufactures a large variety of engineering products like Couplings, Mountings, Beadings for vehicles and for aluminum fabrication companies are also produced in our factory.

Rubberizing of Butterfly Valves and non-return valves and a wide range of packing strips are also manufactured and supplied to the marine fields.

Compounds based on different rubbers like Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile and EPDM are used for manufacturing these products depending upon their application. Products are manufactured using an available sample or a detailed drawing which is sought from the Client.



  • Rings
  • Diaphragms
  • Bushes, washers
  • Expansion joints
  • Bellows
  • Sleeves
  • Rubber grommets
  • Valve seats
  • Gaskets
  • Anti-vibration pad & mounts
  • Oil Seals

These belts are ideal for bulk handling wide range of heavy and abrasive materials in industries such as;

  • Quarry
  • Stone crushing and screening
  • Cement
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Sand Washing
  • Asphalt
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Chemical fertilizer


Characteristics & Advantages

- Very good flexibility
- Resistant to cut and tear
- Very low elongation
- Good impact resistance
- Excellent holding of mechanical fasteners
- Excellent troughability
- Cut reinforced and moulded edges
- Excellent cover-ply and ply-ply adhesion
- Very good abrasion resistance
- Maximum load support
- Conveyor Belt Splicing



Our industrial rubber meets and exceeds standard specifications and is manufactured under strict guidelines for quality.

Rubber Sheets products are manufactured to meet commercial grade specifications, industrial grade, and more demanding specifications.


We have range of Rubber sheets, thickness 1.0mm to 50.0 mm and we can provide you your requested size.

Standard width is 1000mm to 1400mm and length 5mtrs to 15 M Depending on the Thickness of the Roll. 


Below is a guide to select the right material:

EPDM has outstanding resistance to aging, weathering, ozone, oxygen and many chemicals. Its high and low temperature stability as well as steam and water resistance is excellent.

Neoprene was the world's first synthetic elastomer with oil resistance and is still the primary choice in a number of applications, including automotive and construction. In the automotive world, Neoprene remains the choice for many under-hood and underbody parts that require a reasonably priced, mid-performance polymer 

NBR provides excellent resistance to petroleum oils and gasoline as well as mineral and vegetable oils. However, NBR has poor resistance to the swelling action of oxygenated solvents such as acetone and ketones. It has good resistance to acids and bases except those having strong oxidizing effects

Butyl rubber has exceptionally low gas and moisture permeability and outstanding resistance to heat aging, weather, ozone, chemical attack, flexing, abrasion and tearing.

Silicone rubber offers stability over a wide temperature range, resistance to harsh environments, and long lasting performance exceeding many organic elastomers. Silicone rubber offers incredible resistance to extreme temperatures, being able to operate normally from minus 100°C to plus 250°C

Electrical Insulation rubber mat is used in power rooms, control rooms where people work with high voltage electric line. Available in one side rib design and other side rough finish. Can also be supplied in both side rough finishes. Every M2 of this mat is tested for specified voltage for working and test certificate issued accordingly.


For steel and paper industries.

With a vast experience in this field, RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. gives the best Rollers for Paper Industry. Our stringent Inspection & Quality Control system makes sure that you get the best end product. 


We manufacture the following kinds of Rollers:

- Top Press Roller
- Felt Roller
- Bottom Press Roller
- Table Roller
- Touch Roller

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