The Chevron Conveyor Belt is used to convey materials under wet, loose or bagged conditions on slopes. The patterns on the surface can keep the 

carrying materials from slide and largely increase the efficiency of conveying. It’s used in quarries, sandpits, cement industry, lime industry, farms, salt mines, as well as mobile crushers and screening equipment.


-          Bulk materials can be conveyed at angles of 17~18 degrees and bagged materials can be conveyed at angles of 30~50 degrees.

-          Cleats and pitches are designed to keep balanced for the return path.

-          Cleats and the base belt are vulcanized as a whole, which shows a good performance of adhesion and generate a long working life.



Open V, Closed V, L Type, H Type, Y Type, A Type and F Type, etc. And new patterns can be developed for customers according to special requests.  Temperature range of application is -30 to+70°C.

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