RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. brings the huge benefit of rollers.  We provide the best quality of operation even under the maximum loading. 

 Steel Rollers

The special  design of seals works well in harsh conditions because it provides lubricant at long-range operation.  Moreover, it brings the huge benefit of rollers.


  • Automatic CO2 Synchronized Welding
  • SPCC/SPH Bearing House



  • Professional Processing Machine
  • Providing Concentricity Alignment
  • Multiplicity Labyrinth Sealing
  • Water-Proof
  • Dust-Proof
  • Good Dynamic Balance 

For steel and paper industries.

With a vast experience in this field, RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. gives the best Rollers for Paper Industry. Our stringent Inspection & Quality Control system makes sure that you get the best end product. 


We manufacture the following kinds of Rollers:

- Top Press Roller
- Felt Roller
- Bottom Press Roller
- Table Roller
- Touch Roller

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