RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. is an expert and a leading manufacturer of rubber sheets and molded and extruded rubber products. Also, we focus our know-how to produce idlers, pulley, self-adjusting belt cleaner, marine fenders, bearing pad, etc.

In addition, RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. runs a large lathe capable of turning parts up to 4 meter in diameter, weights up to 20 tons, and lengths up to 10 meters.  We also make small precision parts since we have a large variety of machine sizes and types.

We have the experience combined with unique compound formulation technology, provide strong capability to design and manufacture products with the most stringent technical specifications and quality requirements.  Over the past 30 years, our products, quality and services have grown tremendously. 

Moreover, RAM Rubber Company S.A.L. is characterized by its complete range of application orientated and high quality hydraulic hose.

Our goal is to achieve best quality in everything we do and give customers the best performance.  Moreover we have a wide range of made-to-order capabilities so we can customize a product to meet your special needs.


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